WEBINAR: How to predict DOT Bid Outcomes using AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Date: March 27,2020
Description: Learn how AI and machine learning is used to predict bid outcomes for DOT projects. The first webinar in a series of educational sessions on AI, Machine Learning And Predictive Analytics for Construction

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Topics Covered in the Series

What is AI, Machine Learning?

Learn what AI, Machine Learning and Predictive analytics are. You will also learn what the difference is between regular statistics and predictive analytics.

Predictive Analytics & Data

Data is key to being able to accurately make predictions and create actionable insights. You'll understand what data is important and how to think about data at your company.

DOT Predictions

Getting to brass tacks; You'll get insight into actual companies and the impact Predictive Analtyics would have had to their bid outcomes.

Becoming a Data Driven Company

DOT Predictions are just the beginning. You'll understand why it is important to start using this information and go away with knowing if your company is headed in the right direction.


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